The Ultra Series events are always a massive task to put together. It takes a plethora of pretty special volunteers to make these experiences come to fruition. At Ultra Series, we like to show our appreciation by the way of the volunteer incentive scheme. This is where volunteers accrue discounts to race entries. 

A volunteer role is effectively a task taken on for the duration of that location/event to enable the event to happen. Each role may vary from a few hours to potentially days for some of the longer events!!! Each role is equally as important.

 Incentives CAN be accrued, can be used for ANY Ultra Series event and CAN be gifted.

 As some our events are super long over multiple days, we have separated our events into two incentive categories.

 Category 1: The 200 Miler events (Delirious West, Irrational South, Unreasonable East) and the S.O.S. 500k Stage race.

These events will see volunteers receive a $400 discount voucher to any Ultra Series event. This voucher can only be used for a single event and no change is given/carried over if the voucher falls under $400. It is only redeemable for event entries and not merchandise/accommodation etc. Vouchers can be accrued with other incentives you may have earned too and also combined with gifted vouchers.

 Category 2: All our other events.

These events can also be taxing in time but we have just put a blanket discount over these to make it easy for all.

Prior to December 31st, 2020, these events accrued at a rate of 10% per role. From January 1st, 2021 and moving forward, all the roles will earn a 20% incentive discount. All of these incentives can be combined and used immediately, or you can continue accruing.

 Here are some examples of how you can access these volunteer incentives:

  • Example 1: Shaun volunteers at Irrational South 200 Miler and earns a $400 voucher. Shaun’s mum also helps and earns a voucher but isn’t a runner, just a passionate supporter and volunteer, so she gifts her voucher to Shaun. Shaun then uses the combined $800 vouchers to get an $800 discount to Irrational South 200 miler the next year.
  • Example 2: Barry volunteers at Delirious West and earns a $400 voucher. Barry already has 30% accrued volunteer incentive discounts so he decides to use the 30% discount to come off the next years entry at Delirious which is $417.00 worth. Combined with the $400 voucher, Barry gets an $817 discount off his Delirious entry.
  • Example 3: Melanee has accrued 160% worth of volunteer incentives. She is a serial volunteer!!! She decides to run an event with her daughter and uses 80% of her incentives to discount her entry, and another 80% gifted to her daughter, so she can also pay just 20% of the entry fee.
  • Example 4: Michelle and Mark volunteer at Heysen, both earning a 20% incentive discount. Now Mark is injured and Michelle is running strong. Mark gifts her his 20% incentive and Michelle combines her 20% with the 60% worth of volunteer incentives she has already accrued and gets herself 100% discount to the S.O.S. 500k Stage Race!!! This a massive saving!!!!

 So you can use your accrued volunteer incentives for ANY event Ultra Series hosts around the country. You work out what is going to suit you best. 

This incentive system has taken us over 5 years of tweaks and improvements and no doubt we will continue to improve as we evolve. I am not shy in acknowledging that without volunteers, we simply wouldn’t exist. This is our way of making things a little more enjoyable and incentivised for all. 

You can register to volunteer on the individual websites of each event and select your role preferences.













Ultra Series SA is seeking sponsors for all of its events, with various packages available. Please contact Shaun Kaesler for information.