About Ultra Series Coaching

Ultra Series WA in conjunction with Ultra Series Australia is very proud to bring to you Ultra Series Coaching.

Ultra Series Coaching (USC) in a collective of some of the finest and most experienced Ultra & Adventure runners, each with a wealth of skills and knowledge that will help you live your ultra-running life!

This collective is like no other though. Each coach is different to the other. Each coach has a different approach to ultra-running and coaching and is dedicated to you and your specific goals

Your USC coach will help you just as much mentally, as physically. After all, ultra-running is as much a mental game as it is physical. USC has selected the most amazing female and male coaches to help guide you on your next adventure.

Whether you are new to running and looking to go from Couch to 5 km’s or, or want to compete in an extreme multi-day event, the Team at Ultra Series Coaching is here to guide you from the starting line, to the finish line and beyond!


The Basics

  • Ultra Series Coaching requires from each Athlete to invest in an initial 12week commitment.
  • This initial commitment ensures each Athlete is given the greatest opportunity to work towards their desired outcomes in a realistic and safe timeframe.
  • This initial 12week investment is $480.
  •  Ongoing Coaching is available on a month by month basis and is charged at $40 per week.
  • Each Athlete is designed a bespoke training plan that is tailored to their needs.
  • USC understands that individual circumstances are unique and occasionally there may be reasons why a program may need to be paused. All Coaches are approachable and happy to negotiate a pause.
  • If for some reason the runner/coach relationship isn’t quite right, let us know and we will help you transition over to one of our other Coaches!

 Meet our Coaches

 Beck Hefferon

Beck offers a relaxed, flexible, individualised and non-judgemental approach to coaching and strongly believes in a biopsychosocial approach that respects individuality in age, running experience, lifestyle, intrinsic motivations and goals.

Beck isn’t one for fixed highly structured programmes , formulas or high tech performance monitoring but offers a coaching method aimed at fostering growth in self-confidence, enjoyment and personal achievement through weekly to fortnightly catch-up, online, by telephone or in person as appropriate.

Focused on providing guidance for a particular event or goal, with exercise prescription and guidance aimed at reducing the risk of and returning from injury Beck will happily work with your treating clinician to progress recovery and return to exercise.

Through her physiotherapy work with amputees, Beck is reminded daily of just how valuable and vulnerable physical health can be. She has the highest respect for the body’s ability to overcome significant, insult, injury and illness both physically and mentally and is frequently humbled and inspired by what her patients endure and achieve.

Beck actively uses this to maintain relative perspective and to help build resilience in her own running. In turn she tries to use her own experiences in ultra-endurance sports to guide and motivate her patients.

Beck will use this growth centred approach to help guide her Athletes to achieve their own goals.

Rob Donkersloot: Mind Focused Running

Rob doesn’t beat around the bush. He says that if you are the type of runner who just wants to improve fitness and physical technique to improve running performance, then he is not the coach for you. There are hundreds of other coaches out there who can help you with this.

However, if you are after help with solid appropriate preparation, and most importantly real assistance with winning the significant mental battles that come with ultra-running, then perhaps you should ask to talk to Rob.

Rob is currently coaching a number of runners using his ‘Mind Focused Running’ method. His current clients including Athletes representing Australian teams to runners yet to run their first ultra.

Most of those who work with Rob fit in the category of having run a few events from 50k to 100k, who know they made a few mistakes and would like to explore running further.


  • Weekly mental strategy sessions live on Zoom
  • Training program on Final Surge, including a meditation schedule (full program only)
  • Fortnightly one on one catch ups and feedback session.
  • Access to the Unique MFR Event / Race Planner App 
  • Login access to member only resources and session notes

* Mind Focused component only coaching available also @ $25 per week. Conditions apply

Wayne McMurtrie

Wayne’s coaching style focuses on building an understanding of what we are capable of, both Physically and Mentally through helping athletes to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Athletes are able to develop positive and sustainable habits from the structure and routine that comes with having a purpose. Training for a goal, be it your first 5km run or an ultra-distance race provides that purpose.

Wayne say’s that not only has he found purpose, but also belonging in the ultra-running community and has developed a real passion promoting the benefits of the sport.


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